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Energy By Water

Free Energy from Water
Energy By Water is a step-by-step guide that helps you create a water-powered generator to produce your own nonstop free electricity source for your home. Using this guide, you will be able to create your own energy generation system that runs entirely by water and helps you produce your own electricity at home, cut your energy bills, and have an effective hydroelectric power source that gives you energy independence.

How Energy By Water System Works

Hydroelectricity is a commonly used method to produce power from water. The main principles of hydroelectric energy are very simple. You find a […]

Energy By Tesla

Free Energy Guide
Energy By Tesla is a step-by-step manual to help you assemble your own efficient and powerful Tesla power system, and create your own free, natural and clean energy for your home easily.

The man behind the Tesla free energy system is Nikola Tesla, a well-known scientist and inventor who worked with world-famous inventors such as George Westinghouse and Thomas Edison. Tesla worked on x-ray and electricity technologies and was awarded 11 patents over his lifetime.

He invented a new and simple electricity system that produces clean and natural energy without using expensive solar and wind based technologies. His environmentally […]

Hojo Motor

Patented Howard Johnson Magnetic Motor Guide
If you are looking for producing your own electricity to power your home and reduce the power bills, a detailed and easy-to-use magnetic motor guide like Howard Johnson (Hojo) Magnetic Motor Guide can be an efficient and cheap solution for you.

Hojo Motor is actually a patented magnetic motor developed by Howard Johnson. Using Hojo Motor plans, you can produce free electricity at your home, cut down electricity costs and enjoy an environmentally friendly life style. The most important feature of these magnetic motor plans is that it is the only magnetic generator that efficiently […]


Significantly Reduce Your Electric Bill
If you are interested in powering your entire house at no cost, receiving a regular payment from the electric company and also protecting the earth, then Sky4Energy can be an effective solution for you.

Sky4Energy (Sky For Energy) by William Miller has recently become one of the the most well-known and effective free energy guide and has been very useful for more than 100,000 people in 90 countries worldwide until now. Sky 4 Energy is actually an e-book that can teach you the efficient ways to produce totally free electricity from the sky.

William Miller, the developer […]

Green Eco Club

Produce Energy For Your Home
Green Eco Club is a comprehensive green living system that helps you discover how to produce your own electrical energy and reduce your energy bills.

Do you want to decrease your costs by generating your own electrical energy? If so, surely you should know everything about the different methods in which you can produce energy for your home by means of eco-friendly sources.

In that case, Green Eco Club can be a good solution for you. This isn’t just an e-book but is rather an internet site which has been established to help people just like you […]


Wind And Solar Power System
Welcome to our Energy2Green review. Green energy has become the one of the most important factors to protect our world. It pertains to the energy resource that is created via eco-friendly, non-damaging methods. As a result, there’s geothermal power, solar, wind and hydro energy systems. We can do our part and use these types of green energy for powering our houses.If everyone use green energy to power their houses, the ecological effects caused by traditional energy could be minimized to a considerable level. However, even though there are well-known advantages of utilizing green energy, the […]

Tesla Secret

Free Electrical Energy
The Tesla Secret retains the key to unlock a totally free alternative energy that has actually been preserved as a secret for decades. Nikola Tesla found the secrets of utilizing the power of the sun. Tesla thought that this power might be converted into totally free electrical energy. On the other hand, his fantastic system and inspiring ideas were forgotten until recently.

A group of researchers discovered his ideas and these scientists have now created a system based on his studies. Finally, the Tesla Secret was developed so that the public can benefit from free electricity. All this may appear too great to be […]


Convert Your Vehicle to An Electric Car
The price of gas currently continues rising. It could be really great to decrease the money that you simply spend each day by converting your car. That might be an excellent chance for all car owners.

Converting your car from gas to electric allows you to save huge amount of money. That’s not the only advantage. You can reduce the exhaust emissions too by turning it into totally environment friendly. These days saving money is really important. Every cent matters. Furthermore, you should also try to contribute efficiently to saving the environment. Your small action will contribute a great […]

Electric Conversion Made Easy

Build Your Own Electric Car
If you are armed with the correct information, the idea of building your own electric car can be a real fun. At this point a detailed and easy-to-follow electric car conversion guide like Electric Conversion Made Easy can help you build your electric car easily.

Oil prices are increasing every day and people are concerned about the negative effects of exhaust gases and carbon emissions. Also, the current financial crisis makes people think about owning an electric car and look for information on electric car conversion kits to save money.

Electric Conversion Made Easy is an easy-to-read […]


Reduce Your Energy Bills Effectively
Earth4Energy is a step-by-step guide to make your own solar panel and reduce your energy bills effectively.

If you want to generate your own electricity and reduce your electricity bills, it can be a good idea to make your own solar panels and join them together to produce more power for your home. Earth4Energy guide helps you to make your own do-it-yourself solar panels with step-by-step instructions, pictures, diagrams and videos.

The author of the Earth4Energy guide is Michael Harvey who is an expert in renewable energy solutions with 15 years of practical experience. Based on his experience, Harvey […]