Medical Coding Study Guide

medical coding practice exam bookCPC Practice Exam is an up-to-date medical coding study guide specially created for people who want to take AAPC exam to be a Certified Professional Coder (CPC). This exam study package includes 150 Question CPC Practice Test, Full Answer Key with detailed explanations and rationale, Scan Tron Bubble Sheets, and The Exam Study Guide containing common anatomy terminology handouts, common medical terminology prefix, root word and suffix handouts. In the provided exam study package, you will also find the Official AAPC Proctor-to-Examinee Instructions to help you pass the CPC exam easily.

Complete Exam Study Guide

One of the most distinctive features of this study course is that this coding book is fully updated and all the codes in the answer key re-arranged to help you get most recent test content for the CPC medical coding practice exam.

Full Preparation for Real Exam

In AAPC’s CPC exam, you will have 150 questions to be completed in 5 hours and 40 minutes or less. Also, the exam includes three main sections: Medical Concepts, Surgery and Modifiers and Remaining CPT Codes. As knowing what to expect and not being surprised on the exam day are the important aspects of the CPC exam for an examinee, you will need an efficient practice exam to help you fully prepare for the actual exam.

CPC Practice Exam Guide includes 150 questions to emulate the real exam. Using the questions based on the main structure of the actual certified professional coder exam, you will exactly know what to expect on examination day, prepare for the exam properly, determine the areas of weakness, learn what to expect in detail, and know how to get rid of pre-test anxiety.

Detailed Information

Questions on the CPC exam cover wide range of medical codes including coding guidelines, understanding of conventions, correct modifier use, bundling and global packages, and medical terminology and gross anatomy. Consequently, the questions contained in CPC Practice Exam System are created to reflect the questions on the actual exam.

cpc practice exam package

Full Rationale

When you get the guide, you will also find full rationale for each question. With these rationales, you will get the correct answer for each question, receive full explanation about the correct option, learn why other options are wrong, and learn which medical coding books include the answer.

Examining the rationales can be considered to be the most effective way to learn how to pass the CPC exam.

Instant Download

As the CPC Medical Coding Practice Exam Package is offered in PDF format, you can download and start working on it instantly without wasting your valuable time.

Final Words

If you are about to take AAPC’s CPC exam, want to learn everything you need to know about it, study the questions of the exam efficiently and get the all information about the medical codes to pass the exam, then CPC Practice Exam Medical Coding Study Guide can be the ideal resource for you. For sample questions, visit the original CPC Practice Exam website.

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