Complete Guide to Lock Picking

lock-pickers-bibleThe Lock Pickers Bible is a comprehensive lock picking guide that includes color photos, videos and diagrams to help you learn how to pick a lock and dominate every lock you encounter. This well-designed lock picking guide provides all necessary information you need for lock picking. Using these professional lock picking secrets, you will discover the basic principles of different types of locks and learn how to pick these locks easily.

Content of The Lock Pickers Bible

The Lock Pickers Bible includes practical information on lock picking, over 30 videos showing the lock picking techniques, various color diagrams and easy-to-understand explanations, links to reliable sources, and detailed information on where to legally buy lock pick tools and bump keys.

Members Area

The members area of The Lock Pickers Bible contains valuable information on how to pick tumbler locks, high security lever locks, padlocks, tubular locks, car locks, etc. You can also access and download the provided free e-books from this members-only area.

Special Bonuses

The Lock Pickers Bible provides free lock picking e-books including The Lock Pickers Library, Make Your Own Lock Picks, How To Open Combination Padlocks, and How To Get Into Cars Without Keys.

The Lock Pickers Library

The Lock Pickers Library contains links to download 70 classic lockpicking books in PDF format.

Make Your Own Lock Picks

Make Your Own Lock Picks is a report on how to make your own quality lock picking tools. You can find lock pick templates in this free report.

How To Open Combination Padlocks

How To Open Combination Padlocks is a report specifically focused on defeating different types of combination padlocks.

How To Get Into Cars Without Keys

How To Get Into Cars Without Keys is a report about investigating the various techniques to get into vehicles without keys.


Free Updates

The Lock Pickers Bible offers full free updates. When you get access to members-only area, you can enjoy free updates for life.

Final Words

If you want to learn all about lock picking including manual pin-tumbler lock picking, mortise lock/lever lock picking, lock bypass methods, manual padlock picking, tubular lock picking and car lock bypass techniques, then The Lock Pickers Bible can be the ideal source for you. For more information, visit the original The Lock Pickers Bible website.

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